Sunday 3/26 WOD

WOD With a Team: Complete AMRAP 20 Mins 400m run 6 Toes To Bar 12 Box Jump Overs 24 Power Cleans (75/55) 48 BB Sumo DL High Pull

Friday 3/24 17.5 Finale!!

17.5 The Grand Finale 17.5 will FOR SURE leave you like this! This workout is pretty direct, short, and nasty. Here are some ideas to prep and strategize with. Prepare your anaerobic system to reach a near max HR during this WOD.

Thursday 3/23 WOD

KSCF Free Private Cycling Class Don't forget, every Thursday Morning at 7 am, Certified Spinning Instructor, Melissa Mangold, teaches a cycling class. This is a good way for some active recovery to prepare for 17.5. Come in Thursday mornings for a


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