Thursday 8/25 WOD

Huebs Straight Snatchin' Mobility/SMR: Shoulders, First Rib, T-Spine Skill: Snatch Complex Strength Snatch Complex 1 Snatch Pull + 1 Snatch RDL + Hang Squat Snatch Build over 15 minutes WOD 21-9-6 Squat Snatches

Wednesday 8/24 WOD

Who Doesn't love Burpees? !? Annddd Margaret too... Mobility/SMR: Hips/Hams, First Rib, T-Spine Strength Back Squat 6x2 @ 85% WOD AMRAP 9 min 2-4-6-8... DB Squat Clean (40/20) Burpee Box Jump over (20/20) rest 3min AMRAP 5

Tuesday 8/23 WOD

Shang game face! Mobility/SMR: Shoulders/Scaps, T-Spine, Forearms Skill: Double Unders Strength Strict Press 2x5 @70% 2x3 @ 77% 3 sets to find heavy single WOD 4 Rounds 50 Double Unders 15 Push Press

Monday 8/22 WOD

Another week of Goal Crushing ahead!Mobility/SMR: First Rib, Forearms, Hips/Hams Skill: Clean Strength Clean Complex EMOM for 10 min: increase load every 2 min 1 Hang Squat Clean + 1 TnG Power Clean (if you do not Hang Squat Clean


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