Wednesday 10/26

Nutrition Supplementation If you take the time to spend a few hours researching and examining various vitamins and minerals, it is amazing what you can find if you make the effort. I did so this weekend and found a few articles and sites which

Tuesday 10/25 WOD

Skill:Thruster- efficiency Strength A) Front Squat Reverse Lunge: 4x8/leg B) DB Curls: 2x8, 2x5 WOD "50 Thrusters for time (115/85) *200m run every time bar is dropped L3: (95/65) L2: (75/55) L1:

Monday 10/24 WOD

Wendler Strength This week is week 4 of our current cycle. The program is designed to have our same 4 major lifts, but at much lower intensities. It is considered a recovery week. Our programming this week will not include the 4 major lifts.

Sunday 10/23 WOD

WOD Complete 3 Rounds 40 calorie Row or Assault Bike 30 Alternating Lateral Lunges 20 Alt. Renegade Rows (40/20) 10 Box Jumps


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