Saturday 12/10 WOD

Seth B WOD 50 Burpee box jump overs for time rest 1:1 250m row sprint rest 1:1 25 bbjo rest 1:1 150m row sprint Huebner Cash Out: What will she

Friday 12/9 WOD

Mignault getting his presses on!! Skill: Push Press- Dip and Drive Strength Push Press 6x3 *work up to a comfortable weight with quality technique WOD AMRAP 8 2-4-6-8 DB Hang Clean & Jerk (55/30) Walking

Thursday 12/8 WOD

Bob getting his MU progressions on Skill: Muscle-up Progressions WOD Complete 4 rounds 400m row 20 Alt. Renegade Rows (40/20) 12 Toes to

Wednesday 12/8 WOD

December Member of the Month Mike our December MOM Strength Barbell Pendlay Row: 6x4 superset w/ Weighted Push-Ups: 6x3 WOD 3-6-9-12 Sumo DL High Pull (95/65) Front


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