Thanks to Coach Theresea we are implementing another Gymnastics Strength Day. Today’s WOD is some of the favorite exercises from our former Coach, Adara!

Strength Drills I– Complete 3 sets
Heel Pulls: 12-15 reps
Seated Pancake Goodmorning: 12-15 reps with 10 sec hold at the bottom of last rep (Theresea will have to share this video)

Strength Drills II– Superset all 3, for 3 rounds
Ring Support: 15-30 sec (elbows locked, depressed shoulder blades, rings turned thumbs out, straps don’t touch shoulders if possible, if not – start with touching and aim to improve)
Hanging L-sit: 15-30 sec
German Hang: 15- 30 sec

AMRAP 11 mins
8 Handstand Push-Ups
16 Toes to Bar
32 Double Unders

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