This class is designed for the person who is new to exercising or new to CrossFit. This class is meant for people of all fitness levels and will give a taste of what CrossFit workouts are like. The demo classes are free and are offered every other Tuesday evening at 6:30pm. If this time does not work let us know when you want to set up your personal Demo class.

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The On Ramp class is designed for people who want to join Kendall Square CrossFit. Participants will learn the essential exercises that CrossFit is built on, Olympic Weightlifting movements, and Gymnastics technique. This is a 4-session Group class or 1-on-1 for those who prefer.


This class is our staple class at Kendall Square CrossFit. Each WOD is designed by the coaching staff to push participants physically and mentally by utilizing the CrossFit principles.

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