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We have had many new faces come into KSCF and join our Family. In order to communicate and keep athletes up to date, our coaches and members post various updates and topics in these groups. Follow this link and become part of our group today!

In addition, our New Women’s Strength & Conditioning class has a private group for the ladies to communicate about the classes with Coaches and Peers. Get up to date information from Coach Theresea and Coach Meaghan by clicking on this link. There will be a Ladies Brunch coming in a couple weeks. Keep updated on Facebook and check our emails for an update this week.

Coach T & Estell-E

Complete 5 sets
Ia) Pendlay BB Row: 5
Ib) DB Single Leg RDL: 6-8/side
*Rest 60-90 seconds

“Giant Boulders”

AMRAP 7 mins
75 Double Unders (150 SUs)
7 DB Unilateral PPress/ arm
2 Wall Walks or 50′ HS Walk

Rx: 45/30
L3: 40/25
L2: 35/20
L1: 30/15

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