March Member Of the Month!!
Pass your love to Kate Keough who was selected as KSCF’s March MOM!! With back-to-back KSCFaceOff championships to being a huge part of our group culture within our classes, Kate deserves a high-five from YOU!! Learn a little about Kate’s Fitness Journey below.

Athletic Background
I wasn’t much of an athlete growing up. While I dabbled in volleyball and softball in high school, I never took fitness very seriously until I was in my 20s.

How You found CrossFit
It wasn’t until I was at my first start-up that I really sought after something to help balance the long hours in the office. It just so happened that the first box I joined also happened to share company with Mat Fraser in Burlington, VT. I found it so inspiring that you could compete against athletes from all over the world- it’s probably the only time where you’d get excited about coming in 25,000th place.
Plus with everything else I was juggling, I needed something where I could just show up without any thinking and get my ass handed to me- I found such a huge benefit in Crossfit helping manage my high stress at work.

Favorite WOD
I can push myself pretty consistently over time, so have an affection for the 20+ minute WODs, especially if there’s a mix of weights and cardio. While I might not always appreciate it in the middle of it, I find the “post-WOD high” pretty gratifying.

Least favorite movements
I’ve always struggled to get my upper body strength in line, so anything that requires hanging on the bar has been a struggle.

Post WOD snack
Perfect Keto Almond Brownie bar. Delicious.

Hobbies outside of CrossFit
I’m a bit of a nerd, so don’t have much of a life right now outside of my start-up and Crossfit. That said, I do try to travel at least a couple of times a year. Fav spots include Bali, Vietnam, and New Zealand.

Goals in the gym
I’m telling you, 2019 is my year for pull-ups. I’m determined to get my shoulder back in good health, and really pushing to get after the bar.

Fitness Model, Kate Keough 😝

KSCF Private FB Group
KSCF Women’s Only Group

“Swan Boat”

Cals Row
Thrusters (75/55)

L3: 70/50
L2: 65/45
L1: 60/40

Complete 3 Giant Sets

I) DB Goblet Cossack Squats: 12 Alternating
II)Tempo Band Lat Pulldowns: 8 (2141)
III) Reverse Crunch: 15
IV) SuperHuman Holds: 30sec
*Rest 60 seconds

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