19.3 Friday Night Fights Post Open at Catalyst
This week we are invited to celebrate completing 19.3 at Catalyst on Main Street after the Open. Our fellow KSCFam member, William Kovel, invited us to celebrate Friday evening at his restaurant, Catalyst, located in Kendall Square. William and his team are planning to provide us with some food and a great spot to socialize post-workout.

Look forward to seeing all you athletes there Friday evening!

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“Opportunity Club”
-Pick 2 movements you which have not come in the Open and you think may come in the next 3 weeks. Try to improve skill set or cycling efficiency on these movements

8- 90 second rounds (1::1 work-to-rest)


Every 3 minutes for 12 minutes (4 rounds)
25 Double Unders
12 DB Hang C&J (6 on one side then 6 on the opposite)
6 Burpees over DB

Rx: 50/35
L3: 45/30
L2: 40/25
L1: 35/20

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