Winter Storm Update
6:30 am and 12 pm classes are on today. Evening classes will be canceled. The facility should be open most of the day. Check or their Facebook page to stay updated on the club hours.

Stay Safe, and enjoy the Snow Day!

I) Muscle Ups Transitions – 3 sets of accumulating 60 seconds of work / 60-90 sec rest
Attention here: no pull up and no dip movements should be included in this – only strict transition work.

IIa) Pull Ups (elastic→strict→rings with false grip) 2-6 w/tempo @ 41×1
IIb) Ring dips (negative→full dip) 2-6 reps w/tempo @ 41×1
*Note: for those who struggle, reps can be done as two singles to arrive at the minimum amount of reps
** Rest 2 mins

“Snow Fun
AMRAP 12 mins
30 Wall Balls (20/14)
15 Deadlifts (225/165)

L3: 205/155
L2: 185/125
L1: 155/105

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