The CrossFit Open: A Tool For Success

“My goal for 2017, is, to do all of the CrossFit Open workouts, Rx.

I don’t want to be in the scaled division anymore.”

                                                                   -KSCF member

This statement, made by one of our KSCF members in early January, is by far the greatest thing I’ve heard in the box so far this year.  It speaks to the inspiration story behind The CrossFit Open.  It is a clearly telling message of how this worldwide competition is a great source of encouragement, and how it is a strong motivating factor that pushes us to aspire for new personal heights!

The Open competition is the epitome of a fitness measuring stick. It serves as a tool for tracking our personal progress each year, and as our barometer for measuring how we stack up with every other fitness-hungry person around the world.

The Open gives us the chance to compare our own performance with everyone out there, WODing their hearts out too, in the more than 10,000 CrossFit-affiliated boxes worldwide.  Moreover, it’s an energizing stimulus that incites us to push harder, and to always strive for new personal bests.

For this reason, for the purpose of propelling yourself to higher heights, I urge you to join in the fun and compete with the rest of us in this years CrossFit Open!

Let us revisit the determined sentiment of our CrossFit companion quoted above…To move above and beyond, to work oneself out of the scaled division and finally compete in the Rx division of a global fitness competition- this is a supreme goal, and it will be a superior achievement.

I can’t wait to see this individual live out their aspirations in a few weeks, in The 2017 CrossFit Open, starting on February 23rd.  I promise, You will too!

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