To Open, or Not to Open

To Open, or Not to Open

We are immersed in the CrossFit Open season, seeing new challenges this year. Many of us have taken on these tests, some have seen success while others have found their limits. This idea of how the CrossFit Open can demand so much from each athlete becomes a topic of debate. Is it worth the time and energy to put my body and my mind through the rigor of these workouts? I have reached out and heard feedback from our KSCF members and found introspect as to why they have or have not signed up for the CrossFit Open this year


To Open

First, we believe it is a huge achievement to register for the CrossFit Open. Especially for those who are doing it for the first time.

My beliefs are that the Open is simply a “competition” with oneself. It is an opportunity to evaluate your personal skill, strength, and mental resilience in a community and worldwide event. You are able to receive support from fellow friends, boxmates, and others while testing yourself.

Here are some responses from our KSCF members. Some are direct quotes and some are paraphrased from what I have heard.

  • “Since I have started the Open this year, I really like how it has challenged me and opened my eyes on my weaknesses and where I need to work more.”

  • “I knew this Open wasn’t going to be a good one for me, but I signed up because it will expose my weaknesses and I plan on training my ass of this year for next year’s Open.”

  • “I enjoy the camaraderie. But personally, I compare myself to myself and what I have or have not done in the present or past. The personal aspect is much deeper for me, which is not in the scope of your question. Although the workouts are not the same year-to-year, it is a good way to use motivation from others to test yourself and use your rankings to others to compare how you’ve done from year-to-year.”

Not To Open

  • “There are both CF-related as well as personal factors that deter me from the Open. I am not convinced of the goodwill of those behind the competition and the workouts themselves. I am not convinced that I am physically or mentally prepared to see how I stack up against all other crossfitters. I have not yet worked out how CF fits in with my broader goals and life in general, and entering myself into a competition under such circumstances does not seem wise. If I am honest with myself and pay heed to my natural tendencies as well as my previous sports-related experiences, I can clearly see that it would be ill-advised at this time for me to compete in the CF Open.”

  • “If I didn’t sign up for the Open, no one would count my reps.”

  • “I did not want to sign up because I felt as though I was not in my peak physical composition and would not stand up to the standards I had set for myself. If I participate in the Open and do not achieve what I feel I should, I know it would deter my inner confidence even more.”

For all who are part of the KSCFam, may the odds be ever in your favor?

What is Your Why?

Let’s preface the following thoughts with this: For some, CrossFit is not the be all end all to your daily well being. In opposition, some are here nearly every day of the week. Why do you show up for a 60-minute class? What is your Purpose? This question is one many of us overlook. It applies to almost every facet of our lives. Here, we consider the Health/Fitness or CrossFit angle.

There are many obstacles that present themselves to us within the CrossFit community. Olympic Weightlifting technique, overall or specific joint mobility, persevering through high rep burpees, or a strict pull-up. We have all come face-to-face with these barriers. How have you responded?

Why do you walk into the Kendall Square CrossFit weekly or daily? Why expose yourself to grueling workouts with your least favorite movements? Why have you not been able to do a strict Dip, Pull-up, or Handstand? So many more questions as to…. WHY?

The incite here is in piggy back to what Coach E-Diddy brought to light last month. He spoke about the ability to move well before trying all the fancy things the cool kids are doing. In closing I will leave you with these thoughts/questions to ask in order to properly self-assess.

  • Have you asked yourself, Why do I show up to class?
  • What are my goals? Short term? Long term? Life?
  • Do I do enough skill work in areas I need most growth?
  • Do I spend enough time mobilizing and moving well?
  • Do I eat well to support my goals?
  • Do I want more in programming than what I am getting day-to-day?
  • Do I ask my coaches for help or support to help me reach my goals?
  • Do I sleep enough hours per night to recover appropriately?

This list can go on for pages. Ultimately, are you holding yourself accountable every day to be the YOU, which YOU want to be?