Do You Trust Your Gut?

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates


The old adage “trust your gut” is no longer a hypothetical phenomenon; It is REAL.

Current science shows us why the inner workings of our digestive tract, our gut microbiota, is vital to our health.

Why is Gastrointestinal health so pivotal to our overall health?

GI functioning regulates our metabolism, our hormones, and maybe even more importantly, it plays a huge role in determining our energy levels.

Metabolism is rather simple. It is the process in which our body converts food into energy to do work, and then thereafter, the excretion of the substances that are not usable by our bodies (a.k.a. waste)

Benefits of proper GI health

  • Increased satiety of meals
  • Decreased diarrhea, constipation,  and IBS symptoms
  • Anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Increased synthesis of nutrients and their bioavailability
  • Decreased obesity, Type II Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease, and other Metabolic diseases
  • Decrease in Neurological diseases (Alzheimer’s, MS, autism)

Proper nutrient absorption to the breakdown of food, our intestines is where all the magic happens.  Within this part of the intestines exists thousands of microbiota. The last stop through the intestines is the colon. The colon presents us with many bacteria (good and bad), more specifically, Prebiotic and Probiotic.


Some well known bacteria are Prebiotic and Probiotic. These two include various microbiome that helps improve our gut flora.

Probiotic is a greek word meaning “for life”. We can find many of these Probiotics in foods which have been fermented. Although the benefits outweigh the negatives, digestion of Probiotics are affected through the GI path. Stomach acids and liver bile can break these bacteria down, disabling them from making it through the intestines and into the colon.

Prebiotics are a bit more gritty than their probiotic brothers. These guys are not affected by the acids or bile, and so can travel through the intestines and be utilized fully. Generally, prebiotics make it through to the colon where they help fertilize even more good bacteria.

Add these to your diet to get that GI Flora brewing:


  • Yogurts
  • Sauerkraut
  • Kombucha
  • Kimchi
  • Kefir


  • Raw asparagus
  • Raw leeks
  • Raw dandelion root
  • Onions, cooked or raw
  • Raw garlic
  • Very unripe bananas before they turn yellow

“If you don’t take care of your gut, you don’t take care of your body, and if you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?”