NO KSCField DAY TODAY! THE RAIN WILL MAKE CONDITIONS A BIT TOO UNMANAGEABLE. WE PLAN TO RUN THE FIELD DAY THIS SUNDAY BEGINNING AT 11:30 am. Clocks set back an hour from Saturday to Sunday this weekend. Hopefully, the date change will not affect our attendance too much. 

See you ALL Sunday!!

Nov 14th: KSCF Open House 5:30 & 6:30 pm (will replace both classes)

Nov 17th: KSCF Open House 9:30 & 10:30 am (will replace both classes)

20 EMOTM min Partner WOD.
5 DLs at (225/155)
5 bar facing burpees

*alternate on the minute, Partner 1 completes work on the minute while 2 holds from pull-up bar
**if partner 2 drops from the rig partner 1 has to stop until partner 2 gets back on the rig.

L3: 205/135
L2: 185/115
L1: 155/105

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