January Member of the Month

It’s a little bit into to January but never too late to recognize another one of our selected MOM. Kavya Rakhra has been selected for the 2nd time as KSCF’s Member of the Month for her work ethic, building the community from class-to-class, as well as being a leader within each class setting by demoing exercises and creating good energy.

Although some of you may not see Kavya in classes as she is an early bird, next time you see her give her a high five and a WOD-up in the Box. Below is a brief Q&A with Kavya and her workout that we may see in the near future!

  • What brings you back to CrossFit day-to-day?
1) 6:30 a.m. crew!
2) Also it’s now got to a point where If I miss a class, my whole day gets wrecked
  • What have you found helps you improve on skill/strength the best?
PRACTICE! The more you do a skill, the better you get at it #DUs#HSPUs
  • What are you thinking right before the “3-2-1” of the clock before a WOD?
Let’s DO this!!


  • What’s your most used emoji?



  • Design your favorite medium-length WOD that you would thrive in.
Hmmm… that would be a combo of light barbell lifts and pull ups so something like:
In 5 min:
4 rounds of DT
AMRAP pull ups
Rest 2 min
In 4 min:
3 rounds of DT
AMRAP pull ups
Rest 2 min
In 3 min
2 rounds of DT
AMRAP pull ups
KRx: 105/85

2018 KSCFaceOff 2

KSCFaceOff 3: February 9th

Week 2: 12 Minutes

12 Snatches 115/75 by the 2:00
10 Snatches 135/95 by the 4:00
8 Snatches 155/115 by the 8:00
6 Snatches 185/135 by the 10:00
4 Snatches 205/145 by the 12:00

“Look Away”
Every 4 Minutes for 16 minutes

10 Box Facing Burpee BJO (24/20)
5 Squat Cleans (115/75)
10 Toes to Bar
5 Push-Ups

L3: 95/65
L2: 75/55
L1: 65/45

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