Ashley Nelson
May 2018 M.O.M.
Throughout childhood, I was always pretty active. I started dance classes when I was 2 and danced competitively for years until I found competitive cheerleading at age 10. My favorite part about cheerleading was the diversity of movement: it was a combination of dance, gymnastics, stunting, conditioning, and of course, crazy facial expressions! I cheered until I went to college where, like most people, I found beer and became sedentary until sophomore year. Around that time, my mom was introduced to crossfit workouts by a friend who was building a makeshift crossfit box in his garage. Since I was desperate to get back in shape while home for the summer, I tagged along for a couple of workouts and was immediately hooked! I loved that every day there was a new movement to work on. I continued these garage workouts on and off until I formally joined a box when I moved out to Indiana for grad school. I love the variety in CrossFit, which is why my favorite WODs are chippers but I also love to do partner WODs. My least favorite movements are definitely rowing, thrusters, and pushups, though honestly I need to work the most on those. My goals for this year are to get a muscle-up and to get more consistent on my handstand pushups. My favorite post-WOD meal is sweet potato hash with chorizo and a fried egg. Outside of the gym (and work), you can usually find me hiking in MA or NH with my dog, Maggie, or enjoying a beer on a brewery patio trying to enjoy the weather while it’s nice outside!
Mike Kim
April 2018 M.O.M.

BackGround: I was a competitive runner throughout high school and college, but gave that up at the end of my NCAA eligibility.  From then on, I did the same boring gym routine that I think most people do with limited benefit.

How you found CrossFit: Funny story - the ONLY reason I started was bad traffic on my commute home from a job I had a while ago.  A new box opened across from the office and rather than sit in traffic for an hour then doing my old boring gym routine, I thought I'd try this out.  So, thank you Boston traffic - you have literally made me a stronger person.

  • Favorite wod: NONE - they all suck in some real, meaningful way.

  • Least favorite movements: Hmm..... so many to choose from...  If I need to pick one, I'd say rowing.  I'm always next to some tall person pulling twice the calories I am.  How could everyone be a better rower then me??? Seems to defy probability...

  • Post wod snack: My diet is terrible all around so, cookies? with a soda? and maybe pastries if I just went grocery shopping?  I always buy junk food and it doesn't last long.

  • Hobbies outside of CrossFit: I'm an avid golfer and skiier, but I'm up for any kind of game or challenge.  The off-the-beaten-path things I've gotten into recently are disc golf (waaay harder to throw a frisbee straight and far than I thought) and bowling (candlepin because I grew up in New England).

  • Goals in the gym: I guess getting better at rowing should be on the list.  In general, I want to get a little better at everything slowly...AND do it without getting hurt.  Let's reverse that order: 1) don't get hurt 2) get better.

Tom Fernandez
Since I’ve been on this earth, I’ve always been kind of non-stop even as a baby; ask my mom who always had to chase me down and had to duct-tape my diapers (that’s a whole other blurb about me, I guess). So naturally, I gravitated towards team sports in high school like soccer and rugby to let out that extra energy. In college and life after, I continued playing a bit of rugby and dabbled in other sports like crew and endurance running, which led me to discovering the world of CrossFit through buddies of mine. After years of being super curious about the sport, I finally dove in head first at Kendall Square CrossFit a few months ago and haven’t regretted a day since. I would have to say any WOD that is quick and dirty would be my favorite, more specifically Fran, but as I get more acquainted with the sport, I’ll certainly find others to really enjoy. My least favorite movement by far would be squat snatches. If there was any movement that has me feeling as unnatural as a cat wearing booties it’s this one, which only makes me want to master it and eventually fall in love with them. After a good WOD, my favorite snack would have to be a peanut butter-chocolate shake, but if CAC opened an all-you-can-eat sushi bar I wouldn’t complain. Outside of CrossFit, the microbiologist side of me is really gaining an interest in brewing. My Cajun side of me likes to cook, and by cook, I mean I love having a ton of people over and feeding them. Ask me any time, and I’ll have you over and will cook the house down for you. Overall, my goals for the time being is to eventually take the training wheels off for some of the more technical lifts and movements and master those to my full potential and work from there. Coming into CrossFit, I was under the impression that it was solely based on your individual performance, but I quickly learned the time you write on the wall is a product of not only just your personal strength but also the support of your coaches and fellow box mates pushing you past that last grueling impossible rep.
Zach Williams
January 2018 M.O.M.
Growing up, sports were a big part of my life - whether it was refereeing the local soccer game, dribbling down the court, or practicing for the big baseball game with my dad, playing ball was something core to my family. When I turned 10 years old, however, my life took a major turn. I learned of a medical condition that would prevent me from participating in many sports for the rest of my life (not that I was ever picked first for any team I was on...). At that point, I switched gears and started filling my time with other activities like choir or finding other ways to hang out with friends. For the next 15 years, I would never do anything more than the occasional 5k with friends or light individual workouts at the gym. And then about a year and a half ago, my friend from work invited me to try out Crossfit with her (surprisingly, my doctor was ok with it) - I immediately fell in love (wall balls excepted). Since KSCF was right across the street from my office, I decided to try out the intro class. One thing led to another, and here I found myself dying with the morning class through an open style workout! (Good thing I didn't learn about the open until much later...) The past couple of years have resulted in a lot of firsts for me that my 10 year-old self would have never believed - you should have seen the grin on my face the first time I strung two double unders together, or the time I did a hand stand push up without 4 ab-mats underneath me. KSCF has been an incredible experience for me and is one of the reasons Boston has become my true home. I look forward to accomplishing many more firsts with the KSCFam this year and many years to come!

Sharath Reddy
November 2017 MOM
Growing up, I have always been very active in sports at school and I played Cricket and Basketball. After my high school I kind of took a break and that’s when I started gaining weight and ended up being obese at one point. That’s when I realized I needed to get back in shape and get fit and tried several workout methodologies but none of them really worked for me, partly due to my lack of motivation working out by myself. I heard about CrossFit from one of my friends at grad school and thought I should give it a try and guess what? That really worked wonders for me. I became regular, motivated and got back in shape in few months and since then, I never stopped doing Crossfit! My favorite WOD is Murph and I also like most of the workouts that involve barbell movements. I love my Quest protein for the post workout. I spend most of my free time hiking, watching Netflix and spending time with my dog. My goal is to get better at gymnastic movements and the goal for this year is to be able to do few muscle ups in a row.
Ashley Garner
October 2017 MOM
As a kid I played soccer, swam, and ran track. When I was in grad school I got into a knock off crossfit-like program and really enjoyed it. My last gym and I broke up because we just weren't working out and I moved to Boston where I joined KSCF. I don't really have a favorite WOD but I find the ones that are more weight lifting than cardio easier. My least favorite movement is definitely burpees followed by toes to bar (because they always give me blisters). My goals for the gym are to try to improve my cardio fitness and get over my hatred of burpees. Outside of the gym I have been traveling around New England/ East coast in general.
Juan Diaz Rodriguez
September 2017 MOM
I had a good run playing tennis and squash in college, but needed something new to keep me motivated to exercise. Last year, I watched the Fittest on Earth documentary, which inspired me to give CrossFit a try. Once I started, the barbell was really what got me hooked. I like how you can’t think of anything else but giving your best to the rep ahead. I recently moved to Boston and decided to join KSCF for its welcoming environment and how much attention the coaches pay to all members. I enjoy movements that involve squatting and really struggle with pulling movements. Right now, my goals are to improve my nutrition and weightlifting techniques and double unders and hand stand push ups… and just about every single movement. Outside of the box, I like to hike, teach myself how to code, and surf when visiting my family in El Salvador
Alex Chang
August 2017 MOM
Growing up, I swam competitively for 12 years largely because I hated all forms of running and because I felt really cool rocking the panda-eye goggle-tan look. After swimming, I focused on strength training and yoga before taking a particularly long break in the Middle East for a year. Finally back stateside and in Boston, I joined CrossFit because I missed having a community like I did in swimming and it utilizes movements that I find fun while also forcing me to do things that are good for me -- like cardio and running. My favorite movements are handstands and candlestick burpees, and I cringe every time I see laps on the WOD. I love calisthenics and my goals are to extend my back lever hold time, regain my muscle up, and do a front lever. Outside of CrossFit, I'm a huge aviation and travelhacking nerd, and I'm constantly planning my next international trip flying in First Class for free or close to it.
Curtis Duffy
July 2017 MOM
I would say Coach Nery got me into CrossFit, I used some of the workouts last year but it was my goal in 2017 to really take it serious and change my training habits and commit fully to CrossFit and the community. My favorite WOD is Murph, or really any hero or tribute WOD that has a special meaning and significance to it, I also love all of the Ladies' WODs, like Fran and Annie (even though my Fran time is terrible). My least favorite is currently any overhead movement like OHS or Squat Snatches because I am terrible at the moment but getting a little better every day. I usually just crush a "brotein" shake after class and rush to work! Outside of training I like to watch sports, chill with friends and fam, travel and go out to eat, I'm going back for my Master's in 2018 so that will soon take up a lot of my time too. My goals at KSCF are really just to push myself in every WOD as hard as I can and to master every movement and lift, though some come faster than others.
Vincent Genest
June 2017 MOM
As a kid I played baseball and, as practically required by my country of birth (Canada), hockey. I mostly played the positions in which you don't have to move too much: catcher and goal tender. This might correlate with the fact that I was overweight (and here we have another instance of the age-old chicken or egg causality dilemma) Late high school I was introduced to lifting weights by some friends. I discovered crossfit as an undergrad through one of my friends who found the WODs on, we did some of the workouts in parks and stuff like that. Those were the early days of Crossfit (2008). My first box was in Montreal (CrossFit Plateau), but I didn't last long there: as a student it was too expensive. My second box was KSCF, where I find the community to be awesome, and the coaches to be hilarious (sometimes unintentionally). My favorite WOD movement is the kettlebell swing, the least favorite is dumbell-anything (except DB snatches maybe). My post-workout snack is Surge-Recovery, but I forget my shaker 80% of time. My main hobbies outside Crossfit are riding my motorcycle and playing electric guitar. I'm currently working on my snatch, with the goal of reaching 185.
Stephanie Quach
May 2017 MOM
I grew up running track and playing squash. In college, I decided to try something different. I joined the women's rugby team as the wing. However, I got tackled a lot and it hurt, so I didn't last very long. Post college, I spent some time in Hong Kong and had a boss who dragged me to muay thai with her and also encouraged me to run. I started running on a tiny hill near my house, and signed up for 5k and 10k races. Since then, I have completed 4 marathons. My ultimate goal is to do the Boston Marathon. I found Crossfit through a friend who invited me to her box in New York City for a "bring a friend day". After that class, I knew I wanted to do crossfit and ended up joining KSCF. My favorite movement is the clean and jerk. My least favorite is rowing. My post WOD snack is usually real food. I don't like the taste and smell of protein shakes but if anyone knows something good, please recommend it to me! My hobbies outside of Crossfit are running, eating, traveling and cooking. My goal is to do a pull up, toes to bar and many many many double unders.
Pete Schastny
April 2017 MOM
I grew up playing competitive tennis and became highly ranked throughout New England between the ages of 12-16. I eventually went on to play High School and Division I tennis at Boston University. The competitive aspect of pushing oneself to become fit and stronger while being part of a great CrossFit team of coaches and members was the real draw for me. Also having friends and colleagues attend KSCF and other local CrossFit boxes helped encourage me to sign up for a demo class. My favorite WODs include a good mix of cardio and lifting. For example double unders, burpees, push presses and dead lifts. My least favorite WODs (only because I struggle with them) are ones that include toes to bars, chest to bars or muscle ups. After working out I enjoy a protein shake before dinner. When not at work or CrossFit you can usually find me practicing or playing golf in order to compete in amateur golf tournaments throughout New England or to try and qualify for some of the State Championships throughout the season. My goals in the gym for 2017 are to be able to do consistent reps of toes to bars and chest to bars.
Emma Ferris
March 2017 MOM
I have always been pretty active and tried a bunch of sports in high school (even cheerleading!) but mostly focused on lacrosse. In college I was on my school's sailing team and did a lot of running and lifting on the side. After graduating and moving to Cambridge I was getting bored just running by myself so I decided to try CrossFit for the community and challenging workouts. My favorite types of WODs are a long AMRAP like Cindy, anything with running, and anything that looks really difficult but leaves you feeling accomplished afterward. I don't have a least favorite WOD but my biggest weakness is definitely double unders. My goals in the gym this year are to improve my strength and explosiveness. Another fitness goal I have is to run under 20 minutes for 5k, and CrossFit has definitely been helping me reach that goal. After a WOD or a run you can probably find me eating something with peanut butter, a good burger, or both. I am really trying to get better about having a protein shake right after workouts but haven't found one I like yet so let me know if you have any recommendations! Outside of KSCF I like to sail, hike, play water polo, cook/bake, and watch reality TV with my roommates.
Christian Mongillo
February 2017 MOM
I was an athlete all my life, playing football and lacrosse since I was a young kid. After college, I was looking for a more regimented workout program, and a friend suggested Crossfit. I was very hesitant, but fell in love after the first WOD, 100 burpees. My favorite movement is the deadlift, and my least favorite is the overhead squat. Outside of crossfit, I love to belittle Phil, and be active outdoors. My post WOD snack is a protein shake and banana, and I want to break a 450 deadlift by the end of 2017.
Paul Jacques-Mignault
January 2017 MOM
After playing rugby in high school and dancing ever since, I finally decided to give Crossfit a try last Spring. I have not looked back since, and my favourite movement is the barbell front rack reverse lunge. I will however go out of my way to avoid double-unders. I have found the best post WOD snack is a mix of pea protein and maple syrup - cause yeah, I'm Canadian, EH (That's not how we would use it). Outside CrossFit, I probably hit the dance floor a couple of times a week and read quite a bit too. By the end of 2017, I would like to push my dead-lift beyond 315 lbs, perform a muscle-up and a handstand push-up.

Mike Lifshitz
December 2016 MOM
I've always enjoyed playing all sorts of sports and throughout high school I played soccer and tennis. I then went on to play tennis for 4 years in college. After I graduated in May I was looking for something new to stay active and meet people. I had a few friends who did CrossFit and I had watched the CrossFit games on tv, and it looked like something I might enjoy so I decided to give it a try. I would say my favorite movements are burpees or box jumps and my least favorite movement is probably the over head squat. My go to post-WOD snack is a protein shake and usually some over night oats. Outside of CrossFit I like to experiment with new recipes in the kitchen and run obstacle course races. In the gym I would say my goals are to to keep improving and getting stronger with some of the more complex movements, especially the snatch.
Jeff Jackman
November 2016 MOM
When I was in High School, I ran middle distance on the track team. I primarily ran the 400 and 4x4. During this time, I started to get into lifting as well. After graduating High School, I ramped up lifting and focused mainly on that with a bit of running on the side. For roughly 10 years, I had been focused on putting on weight for periods of time, then cutting weight, switching up based on what my current goals were. All of this became more of a “going through the motions” type of exercise as it started to become boring. I had stumbled across some Crossfit videos on YouTube randomly and became curious. For a few years, I had thought about giving it a shot, but usually work hours and location would not permit me to give it a go. A few years down the road, I thought I would search on Google to see where the closest Crossfit box was, and sure enough, KSCF was right down the street. At this point, location and timing were no longer issues, so I gave it a go and have been doing it ever since. My favorite movement, even though I have a lot of work to do on it, would be the Clean. My least favorite WOD was the first one that I had ever done of 100 burpees for time with 5 thrusters EMOM. Post WOD snack is usually a protein shake and a banana. My goals are to work on my overall fitness as well as Oly lifts.
Kavya Rakhra
October 2016 MOM
I grew up playing several sports like badminton, cricket, table tennis and engaging in activities like swimming and running. While I wasn't a beast at any sport in particular, I was always dabbling in some physical activity. I'd say Crossfit found me rather that me finding crossfit. My first box opened down the street from where I lived and I got to go for their maiden trial class and have been hooked ever since. I seem to be better at the gymnastics and body weight movements compared to the weightlifting so I end up enjoying those movements more in a WOD. If I had to pick a favorite it would be pull-ups because they're such an amazing movement to strengthen your upper body muscles which are somewhat under-developed in many women. Also, it took a really long time for me to work up to getting my first pull up and I enjoyed that whole process a lot. Snatches and over head squats really get my goat. Actually, a power snatch by itself isn't too bad and an OHS by itself can be managed on good mobility days but performing a full fledged squat snatch will escape me for a long time I think. How I fuel: I work out in the mornings so I usually eat breakfast right after which consists of eggs and some fruit. If we've been lifting a lot in class, I'll drink a protein shake but I'm not a fan of how they taste and I prefer real food. Outside of CrossFit, I like to read books, be outdoors, bake/cook mainly desserts especially cakes so if it's your birthday and you're among the few crossfitters that still eat sugar (yummm!) and would like a delicious cake, let me know 🙂 So many gym goals! A few of the well defined ones are to get a strict ring dip and string 3 double-unders together, hopefully before the year is out!!
Juan Jhong
September 2016 MOM
I was born in Ica, a small town in the southern Peruvian desert. Growing up, I was not an athletic person and I never played any sports, but I’ve always been a huge fan of the outdoors. My favorite memories of my childhood are always swimming at the beach, climbing up sand dunes, or taking long walks at my grandparent’s farm. After finishing college in Boston, I noticed that my health had taken a toll from a more sedentary lifestyle. I didn’t have the energy and stamina to enjoy my free time and hobbies. I tried changing my diet, and exercising at a regular gym with very little results. But in 2014, a co-worker suggested I tried CrossFit. It’s been a great journey ever since with lots of ups and downs. What I enjoy the most about CrossFit is the community based approach to health and fitness, as well as the diverse methods of training: HIIT, strength training, gymnastics, etc. KSCF has changed me in many positive ways, and I want to thank all the coaches that challenge me during WODs and all the cheering and support from the 6.30AM class! Outside of CrossFit, I enjoy walking and running. I almost exclusively move around the city by bike. On summer weekends, I go on short hikes, or just relax at the beach. Recently I’ve been trying Stand-Up Paddleboard surfing in the Charles River. I’m also an avid mindfulness meditation practitioner, enjoy learning languages, and cooking.
Alex Adamowicz
August 2016 MOM
Growing up I wasn't very into sports. When I was very young my parents forced me to do little league to get out of the house. In high school I was "recruited" to run cross country and track by the coach because I was skinny. Many of my friends ended up doing it as well so it worked out, and I continued to run all four years of high school. ​​I became interested in Crossfit about a year and a half ago through my friends living in my building in Portsmouth NH. When they'd have people over they were mostly Crossfitters, so I got some insight into what it was like from hanging out with them. I was intrigued by how difficult it sounded and the special language they spoke. My favorite movements would probably have to be body weight exercises, push-ups especially. My least favorites is a much more extensive list, to the point where I'd have to break it into categories, but just to name a few: double-unders, thrusters, muscle ups, and dumbbell variations of anything. I'm not very regimented about my diet right now, something I'm looking to improve, but I usually drink a protein shake after a WOD. If it was above average in harshness, I will often order burgers from Tasty Burger or something similar. Outside of Crossfit I am a huge Boston sports fan. I like playing golf , running, swimming, and generally being outside and near water when the weather is nice. My fitness goals are to become as well rounded as possible when it comes to strength and endurance. I'd also like to improve on powerlifting movements, as well as more core work.
Rouz Taghizadeh
July 2016 MOM
I have been a crossfitter since 2014 for one simple reason – I seek to challenge myself both physically and mentally. I have been athletic throughout my life starting from playing football, basketball, baseball, tennis and soccer as a young boy. In high school, I was a sprinter on the track team. My senior year in high school, I was ranked 20th in the state in the 100 meters at 10:45 seconds and medaled in 3 events in States in 1996. Throughout high school, I weightlifted to become stronger and more agile for track. Throughout college and graduate school, I continued weightlifting and playing organized intramural team sports. As a competitor, I developed many injuries, including a torn distal interphalangeal tendon on my left ring finger playing intramural flag football in 2005 and a torn anterior cruciate ligament in my right knee playing basketball in 2011. Due to my ACL tear, I was forced to reduce my physical activity until I was able to have reparative surgery in 2012. As I recovered from my ACL injury, I joined CAC, but the cardio and weightlifting regiment that I had been historically performing was no longer challenging. So as part of a free WOD promotion at KSCF in March 2014, I decided to take a crossfit demo class and had my first taste of burpees, weighted sled pushes, and wallballs. I had found my new challenge and I was hooked! I ramped-up one-on-one with Coach Kelsey for 9 months until I officially joined KSCF. My favorite WOD is the ’12 Days of Christmas’ and I enjoy the gymnastic movements (especially handstand pushups and walks), as well as the Olympic lifting movements – however, I’m not a big fan of wallballs or kettleball swings. I am continuously working on increasing my conditioning and strength and I hope to be able to do one muscle up by the end of the year. After a WOD, I enjoy my chocolate protein shake which helps with my recovery. When I am not WODing out at KSCF, I work as the chief scientist and entrepreneur for a biotech company that I co-founded in 2008. On my free time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends and traveling. I also enjoy DJ’ing all types of genres of music together in my own style – including Persian, Turkish, Arabic, Reggaeton and Hip-Hop.
Alexander Gutowski
June 2016 MOM
Growing up I played almost any organized sport, narrowing it to playing hockey and lacrosse in high school. I kept running and lifting in college to reduce stress and kept it up regularly ever since. I read about CrossFit online and thought it would be a good fit because I lacked motivation when doing traditional lifting and needed to mix it up. From the second I walked into the box with the loud music and my first WOD complete I was hooked. My favorite part about doing CrossFit is looking at a WOD on paper, getting wide eyed, then completing it. My goals for this year is to Rx the open workouts and complete some DAMN MUSLE UPS!
Varun Mazumdar
May 2016 MOM
In general I have played sports my entire life. Mostly focusing on sports like Rugby, Ju-Jitsu, Karate and Judo, and while I was very active I never really focused on my fitness specifically. I found crossfit after looking around for personal training and personal training alternatives to help me rehab my knee after a bad meniscus tear. I found the personalized and customizeable training helped me slowly recover and eventually improve my functionality and my fitness as a whole. That must have been 6 years ago, and I have never looked back. The workouts are fun , but I hate pull ups with a passion. In general its a bad idea to fight gravity, gravity always wins. My one major crossfit goal is to execute a single strict overhand pullup ! Conversely I love deadlifts I could do them all day everyday ! When I'm not at the gym and not at work I usually have my nose stuck in comics, science fiction novels, and video games.
Brendan Cocoran
April 2016 MOM
I have always loved sports, but wasn't very athletic growing up. I played football and baseball in high school at a small school where everyone made the team. My roommate Evan got me into weightlifting in college. I had a lot of fun with that, but I struggled to stay motivated after college without a partner. I had a couple of friends who were doing CrossFit, but I really didn't know anything about it. I got started as part of a New Year's resolution to find a sustainable fitness program that would keep pushing me. I'd say I found it! KSCF is my third box, and I love our facility, coaches and community. My favorite movements are the overhead squat and double unders. I struggle with most gymnastics movements, but I don't I hate them. After a WOD, you will usually find me drinking a RTD 51 shake from the CAC vending machine (#gainz). My goals are to work on my gymnastics movements and have solid toes to bar, CTB pullups and HSPUs by the end of the year. My favorite hobby outside of CrossFit is...talking about CrossFit. Actually, I love sports and binge watching TV with my wife Haining.
Alvaro Martinez Higes
March 2016 MOM
I started swimming and playing Water Polo when I was 4, and I have played since then, that is almost 25 years! During this time I got to play professionally for few years. When I started to work I founded my own team (Esparta), in which I played with my old friends for the past five years. I have also been always active in doing triathlons/aquathlons (running, swimming and running) and some running races, especially during the last three years. Training for a half marathon I got injured on my knee, and I decided to give a try to that thing called Crossfit. At the beginning I was quite skeptical, WODs of 10 min? That was too short for me (hehe) but from the very first moment I found the sport to be highly competitive, really really fun and super addictive. I started in Jackson (MS) and since then I have done Crossfit in 6 different countries! My favorite WOD is: “Luce” – 3 rounds for time of 1K Run 10 Muscle-ups 100 Squats. My least favorite movements include anything related with DBs. I may say DB thrusters. Post WOD snack: Power Bar Protein bar Chocolate Brownie! Hobbies outside of CrossFit: Waterpolo and outdoors. I also love really long challenging hikes with Aloña. My goal for this year is to master DU (I guess I should say: to learn) and go up to 100kg (220lbs) in Squat Clean.
Nina Schuchman
February 2016 MOM
CrossFit became my saving grace while living in LA for a short time. It turns out that making friends gets harder as you get older! Fortunately, I had a coworker who introduced me to her box and it was love at first WOD. I’ve always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with fitness: I played sports my whole life, and the idea of exercising for the sake of it was foreign to me. Mentally, CrossFit lets me set very concrete goals for myself – whether it’s a new PR or finishing one set in an AMRAP WOD in a certain amount of time – which has been instrumental in any progress I’ve made and keeps me coming back for more. I love handstand pushups and push presses; I really, really dislike burpees. And this year I WILL do more than one pull-up in a row. When I’m not in the box, you might find me tap dancing (I can give lessons!) or attempting new recipes in the kitchen. But more than anything, the friends I’ve made at KSCF have been the best part of moving back to Boston a year ago!
Peter Schapker
January 2016 MOM
I've always been fairly athletic. I played baseball, basketball and soccer growing up and currently play a lot of dodgeball (I just finished my seventh season of intramurals). Prior to CrossFit, I was doing bodybuidling style workouts for 10+ years with a few years of P90X as well. I finally gave in to CrossFit in April 2014 and have been hooked since. The community, support and competition are what keeps me coming back. My favorite WOD is Diane (deadlifts and HSPU). I don't have movements I don't like, but the WOD we did with 100 burpees for time with 5 thrusters on the minute certainly did me in. Post WOD, I always drink a protein shake with eat some sort of fast carb - usually ricecakes. Outside of the gym, you can find me walking my dog everyday around East Cambridge, catching some sort of game on TV and enjoying my respite from the corporate world. My immediate goals in the gym are to improve my Olympic lifting, notably the snatch.
Phil Thompson
November 2015 MOM

I grew up playing Lacrosse and Football in middle and high school and went on to play lacrosse at Gettysburg College for 4 years. I found cross fit after messing around with the atlas stones and rope in the box. Jared saw me using the equipment and mentioned I had to be a member to do so. After getting over my workout being so rudely interrupted, I decided to give crossfit a try and have been addicted ever since. My favorite WOD is cindy. I love going heavy with a movement before and do some kind of burn out sprint WOD to finish.

My least favorite movements are definitely some of the more technical olympic stuff, snatches and thrusters have always been tough for me. Post WOD snack- steak. Some of my hobbies outside crossfit are hiking, fly fishing, and golf. My goal is to be stronger than Jared.

Monica Wang
October 2015 MOM
I have participated in sports most of my life, whether it was for fun, on an intramural or a varsity team. Anyone who knows me knows how competitive I am. I played volleyball and lacrosse in high school. Yes, I was also a cheerleader. In college I played intramural softball and was a coxswain for the men’s novice lightweight eight team that won the gold medal in the Dad Vail National Championship. After college I continued to play softball, volleyball, biked, and ran.

Having twins left little time for me to be involved with team sports so to keep in shape I would run at night after I put my kids to bed. Eventually I got back to playing softball and volleyball and started to run 5ks, swam, and did a triathlon.

I started to train with Jared about 4 years ago because I wanted to get back to playing lacrosse. I had knee surgery several years ago so we worked on agility, strength, and speed. When I went to check out a practice I realized that I would be playing with and against women 20 years younger than me, it gave me a reality check. My training started to focus more on strength so Jared introduced me to crossfit movements.

I love crossfit because of the physicality and community. Crossfit not only challenges me physically but mentally and it doesn’t matter how old I am. There are WODs that will push you beyond what you think you are capable of, but you dig deep and grind through it because right next to you is another person doing it as well. There are days when you may be the first to be done, but on the days you are last it’s the support of others that help you finish.

My favorite WODs are the partner WODS. My least favorite movements are thrusters and wallballs probably because they are my weakness. Post WOD I like a recovery drink and some protein.

Outside of crossfit I love sailing, hanging out with friends, and spending time with my family.

My goals are to improve my technique overall so I can lift heavier weight and be more efficient. I also want to be able to butterfly my pullups.

I am thankful to be part of this amazing community of members and coaches. KSCF family you rock!!!

Jared Scheck
September 2015 MOM

I grew up as a gymnast and then switched over to springboard diving. I dove at a competitive level through college, where I was the MVP of the Boston University Men’s Swim and Dive team (Go Terriers!). I found crossfit after graduation when I was looking for a challenging way to stay fit, on par with my collegiate athletic experience. My favorite workouts are any WODS with handstands or box jumps, and my least favorite movement is the deadlift. Post WOD I like coconut water or protein shakes.. and a lot of peanut butter. Outside of the gym I like anything related to water or the ocean and baking; I make a mean chocolate cake. My goal in the gym is to **insert every athlete’s cliche phrase about self-improvement** - But seriously, for me it is just about getting better, stronger, and healthier while having fun, and supporting/encouraging everyone around me to do the same.

Melissa Mangold
August 2015 MOM
I’ve always been an active and competitive person. In high school, I played soccer, lacrosse and was one of the few females in the weight lifting club. We would fuel up on PBJ sandwiches and whole milk which is likely where my addiction peanut butter started. After high school, you actually have to be good to get on teams, so I sort of just did my own thing. I’ve also done some 5/10Ks, obstacle races, and 2 half marathons.

When I first heard about CrossFit, it sounded like something for crazy intense people who were already extremely physically fit (which I was not). Then my roommate’s friend (a.k.a. our director) told me about Kendall Square CrossFit, so I tried it. It took a few months for me to commit, but now, I’m the fittest I’ve been in my life and I’m a part of an incredible community.

My favorite WODs are partner chippers. Double-unders are the worst. I look ridiculous trying to attempt them and the rope hurts. After a workout, I go for a Recovery drink and make myself a protein-packed meal. Unless it’s Thursday; then I drink beer and eat chicken wings.

Outside of CrossFit, I stay busy finding random things to do with friends, visiting family in NY and traveling.

My current CrossFit goals include becoming more efficient in my Olympic lifts and connecting my kipping movements.

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