Kendall Square is a very transient area. Many of our members find themselves traveling often for work, school, or pleasure making it a challenge to fall into an exercises routine or hitting goals because the consistency just isn’t there. I recently came across an article which addresses how travel can disrupt our healthy lifestyles and what we can do to lessen the blow a bit.

Should you Exercise?

Travel can be very stressful on both the body and the mind. Adding exercise, especially high intensity exercise, can add another stressor to the body which can end up being more of a burden than helpful. Play it by ear, depending on how you are feeling. If you are going to compromise sleep to get a workout in it may not be the best option. If you are feeling good, are well rested, and your body isn’t too stiff from the travel then try to stick with your normal routine and try to make that a priority while you are away. Remember, just because your body isn’t feeling the best doesn’t mean you should just sit around. ROMWOD and YogaGlo are two awesome resources that make hotel workouts easier. You can also go for a walk or visit a nearby park. So many options with little to no equipment!


When it comes to sleep, try to stick with your normal routine. Shower, read, brush your teeth, etc. Your body likes routine and sticking to your bedtime schedule will tell your body it’s time for bed. Also, make sure to prepare your room to aid in a good night of sleep. Blackout the room with curtains, turn off lights and keep the temperature cool.

Jet Lag

Many of us travel through time zones which can really mess with our schedules. If you are traveling for a week or more try to shift your schedule to the time zone you are in. It may also help to change your schedule at home a few days before you leave by moving all activities up an hour. If you are traveling for less than a week, stay on your home time. Also, make sure to hydrate always while also keeping caffeine and alcohol to a minimum.

Getting through a Long Flight

Preparation is your best friend when traveling. Make sure to pack some snacks or a full meal (check the TSA website for approved items) to get you through a long trip. Airplane/airport food isn’t always the healthiest and can completely through you off. During a long flight, prepare by wearing comfortable clothes, getting up to stretch throughout and hydrate!

Dining Out

Again, planning is key here. Make sure to take a look at all the restaurant options in your area and make a list of the best options for your diet (vegetarian, paleo, etc). Tell the waiter what your food preferences are as soon as you arrive so they can assist in substitutions. When in doubt, make it easy for yourself by ordering a salad without certain items dressing on the side, a burger without a bun or stick with an entrée that offers meat and vegetables.

All in all, try to keep your stress levels low, keep your routine as normal as possible and most importantly, be present and enjoy yourself!


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