2018 KSCFaceOff 2

KSCFaceOff 3: February 9th

This fun friendly KSCF in-house event is almost one month away!! There’s still plenty of room for more KSCFam in this competition. We also need volunteers and judges. Check your email from me last week and send back how you want to be a part of this Awesome event!! CAN’T WAIT!!!

Ring MU practice

3 sets of:
5 false grip strict pull ups
5 Ring swing drill/kipping mvmt
5 strict ring dips

“Even Chances”

AMRAP 16 mins

Alt. Renegade Rows
Hang Cleans
Turkish Get-Ups
Push Press

Rx: 45/25
L3: 40/20
L2: 35/15
L1: 30/10

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