Saturday Class Schedule Change

Starting this week our Saturday morning schedule will be changing. The new class schedule will be one class at 10 am only! As it is the summertime, weekend attendance generally decreases. Until our busy season comes back in the fall, we will continue with the 10 am class on both Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Saturday, August 11th: 10 am class in the box will be canceled as we are doing our Beach WOD at Revere Beach at that time. An in-box WOD will be programmed for those athletes who cannot make it to the beach.

Chest to Deck!

Barbell Deadlift
Use 8 minutes to find heavy 2 rep DL

*Rest 3 minutes

EMOTM for 5 minutes
3 Sumo DL at 70-75% of weight found above

“Danger Zone”
100 Burpees for Time

L3: 80 Burpees
L2: 60 Burpees
L1: 50 Burpees

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